About Fitness Foto

After deciding to be a photographer I had to decide what kind of photographer and that was harder then chosing to be one. I love so many aspects of it. I really enjoy the creative aspect, and I do love the shadows. I really love bodyscapes & art nude, but on it’s own, I felt it was very limited to actually earning from this aspect. I then took a step back re-assesed and realised that fitness isn’t too much of a different aspect to bodyscapes and so I went down that route. I worked with a lot of people to make sure it wasn’t just a ‘a thing’ and yeah, when I get that shot, I get excited. Weather it’s timing a jump, catching a flex or just a a transition set, I get excited, and when you work for yourself you need to have a love and be excited about going to work and what you do, and I do.

After a while I realised people where wanting a sculpted session as well as fitness one, as it’s more art way of capturing your physique and the hard work that went in to. So now I capture the strong & the sculpted with what I call The S&S Sessioons.

The Studio

Situated in Oldham, in an old mill, unfortunately I don’t have any natural light here but generally it’s not needed for fitness. What I do have is a large black cube of space which is is suitable for all aspects of fitness photogrpahy. I also have a selection of props including battle ropes, barbelss, dumbells, chains, medacine balls, kettle bells, bands & benches etc. All to help you bend, stretch, pose & flex so we can work together to capture the muscle, group, area or whole physique. I have a wide selction of professional modifers to create the right lighting mood along with all the the props. This is my own personal studio, so privacy and exclusivity is guarenteed.

About Me

I live in Ashton under Lyne greater Manchester, married (24yrs) 2 grown up kids, and a love for music. My love for music is one of the reasons I have a ‘proper’ system at my studio so you can connect via blutooth and play your tunes to help you get in the zone, relax and help me help you get the best! And when you’re not there I can do exactly the same!!!!

As mentioned I do other styles & themes of photography which is under my general photography name of Luminite Photography. At the time of writting this Luminite website is full of fitness but as soon as this (Fitness Foto) site is complete I will be updating. Check out my facebook page for a general over view of some of the thing I do. Covers everything from portraits & headhsots through to alternative, twisted, lingere and god only knows. I try not to get too pigeon holed as what I learn from one aspect I can use in another in my general photography. Somone wants said, You can’t be master of all and stand out. So I  specialise in one (Fitness) and be awesome. I’m fully capable and competant in other aspects, but fitness & physiques is my calling!

One last thing…

My buisness name – Fitness foto – there is a reason. And that reason is my name is David Jones. How common is that? Even my middle name is common, Lee. So with all 3 names being exceedingly popular with photographers all ready, and not just nationwide, but in my local north west area as well, and how many photographers use their name as a buisness name? Yeah exactly, I needed a name. So I figured why not let it be what I do. And so Fitness Foto was born. I do what it says on the label.

Anyway, That’s about it, please have a look around the website, throught the portfolios, and if you are interested please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you,



About Fitness Foto Photography