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About Fitness Foto

After choosing to be a photographer, I had to decide what kind of photographer and that was a little harder. I love so many styles & themes plus I really enjoy the creative aspect. I do love the shadows. I really love bodyscapes & art nude, but on it’s own, I felt it was very limited to actually earning from this aspect. I then took a step back re-assessed and realized that fitness isn’t too much of a different aspect to bodyscapes and so I went down that route. I worked with a lot of people and did a lot shoots to make sure it wasn’t just a ‘a thing’ and yeah, when I get that shot, I get excited, not as muc as my clients but nearly. Weather it’s timing a jump, catching a flex or just a transition set, I get excited. And when you work for yourself you need to have a love and be excited about going to work and what you do, and I do.

After a while I realized people where wanting a sculpted session as well as fitness one, as it’s more on an art way of capturing your physique and the hard work that went in to achieving it. So now I capture the strong & the sculpted with what I call The S&S Sessions Strong & Sculpted. So of the females love the SSS  – Sexy Strong & Sculpted.

The Studio

Situated in Oldham, in an old mill, unfortunately I don’t have any natural light here but generally it’s not needed for fitness. What I do have is a large cube of space which is is suitable for all aspects of fitness photography. I also have a selection of props including battle ropes, barbels, dumbbells, chains, medicine balls, kettle bells, bands & benches etc. All to help you bend, stretch, pose & flex so we can work together to capture the muscle, group, area or whole physique. I have a wide section of professional modifiers to create the right lighting mood along with a variety of backdrops as well as the the props. I also have a rainmaker for those water shoots! This is my own personal studio, so privacy and exclusivity is guaranteed.

About Me

I live in Ashton under Lyne greater Manchester, married (26yrs) 2 grown up kids, and a love for music.

As mentioned I do other styles & themes of photography which is under my general photography name of Luminite Photography.  I try not to get too pigeon holed as what I learn from one aspect I can use in another in my general photography. Someone once said, You can’t be master of all and stand out. So I  specialize in one (Fitness) and be awesome. I’m fully capable and competent in other aspects, but fitness & physiques is my calling!

One last thing…

My business name – Fitness foto – there is a reason. And that reason is my name is David Jones. How common is that? Even my middle name is common, Lee. So with all 3 names being exceedingly popular with photographers all ready, and not just in the North West but nationally and globally as well, and how many photographers use their name as a business name? Yeah exactly, I needed a name. So I figured why not let it be what I do. And so Fitness Foto was born. I do what it says on the label.

Anyway, That’s about it, please have a look around the website, through the portfolios, and if you are interested please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you,