Some Do’s & Don’ts

  • Ideally do not eat or drink before the shooot – helps with muscle definition.
  • Do not wear tight elastic clothing to the shoot – They leaves marks on the body. This includes socks & underwear. Please wear loose or none, prior to the shoot is best.
  • Keep body hair to a minimum especially under arms, bikini lines etc. Saves me time editing, and makes you look 100% better. If you want in the image no problem, otherwise see below.
  • Personally I’m not one for deleting scars & marks, so unless you say so, I won’t delete any. If it’s permanent it stays, if it’s passing I’ll delete. Unless you tell me otherwise – so tell me. Scars stay, spots I’ll remove for example.
  • If you get a spray tan a couple of days before to give yourself better definition (advisable) make sure it’s a decent no runs type – If it runs it’ll be in your image. Please make sure there are also no under arm white spots.
  • I strive to get everything right in camera, so as to get your images back to you quicker.  Anything like hair for example or marks from elastic makes editing longer. Easier for me, quicker for you. We all win by following these few simple steps before hand.
  • Please bring a towel especially if we are shooting in the studio/gym. As we will be using oil, you will need to wipe down after. 
  • Happy for you to bring a chapperone just advise me before hand. But please bear in mind,  they are there for your peace of mind or chauffer & not to be be a distraction. 
  • No children that’s 17 or younger. My studio is a 18+ zone unless discussed & agreed before hand. It is not a playground. Well not for kids anyway.
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