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Hannah Baggaley

Hannah Baggaley Boxing Fitness Foto
Hannah Baggaley Boxing Fitness Foto

Hannah Baggaley – the female professional boxer based in Oldham, Greater Manchester popped into the studio for a couple of sessions. The brief was to create some content to help her promotion of up coming fights and some casual/fashion images for her social media.

When you are starting out you need all the help you can get, to let the world know your name. So after a chat and some messages, we decided to shot a variety of different styled images. Hannah didn’t specifically didn’t want to go down the topless / nude. But she is also aware you have to use what you got weather that is brawn or beauty. So we decided on some fitness/boxing images as well some fashion / swimsuit. She now has a variety of different photos to share on her social media and use in fight promotional material.

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